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5 important quotes by Rami Malek

5 important quotes by Rami Malek.

The main star of “Bohemian Rhapsody” – Oscar-winning actor Rami Malek. Brilliantly played the lead singer of QUEEN Freddie mercury, does not like to share the details of his personal life. So regularly becomes the hero of publications in the American yellow press. But sometimes he does not refuse to journalists in a detailed interview and bluntly shares his thoughts – sincere and restrained for the same simple guy from the refugee family, as Freddie, who managed to turn the idea of modern performing arts.

5 important quotes by Rami Malek

About Working

Nothing I do is salacious or provocative or shocking for the sake of that. But it worked it out for some reason!

5 important quotes by Rami Malek

I’ve always laughed at the term “female director” or even “black director.” A director’s a director. And that’s it.

About music

I do it when I’m a preparing for a role quite a bit – I sit with music. It helps influence the discovery of something. Then sometimes during filming I like to listen to the same things. It brings me back to a place where I just feel more creative and focused

About New Technologies

Everything has become so easy. It’s great that it’s at your fingertips, but I miss those good old days. And we’re connected, but it can be very alienating. There is this distance between all of us because we’re speaking to each other through cameras and monitors and icons and Emojis. It’s sucks, you know.

On the acute topic of mental disorders

I read a lot about mental health. And that puts you in the perspective of just how difficult it is to live in a mind that doesn’t always feel like your own and how…I mean, just, that’s brutal in its own way. And that can be a very lonely, difficult place, and a very difficult frame of mind to articulate to anyone, to even want to share with anyone.


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