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5 Things That Damage Your Skin

5 Things That Damage Your Skin

If you exclude from the diet products that can negatively affect the skin, there is a chance to permanently preserve the external youthfulness.

Feeding affects the state of the body, which directly affects the appearance. A number of studies conducted in the United States indicated a link between the increase in the incidence of acne. And the consumption of large amounts of meat, sweet and fatty foods, dairy products. During research n Turkey also found a correlation between acne and high levels of fat and sweets in the diet.
Negatively affect the skin condition can specifically coffee, all kinds of sweet products, savoury foods, and a variety of sausage.

5 Things That Damage Your Skin


This drink is known for its high content of antioxidants, but its diuretic effect of coffee promotes active removal of fluid from the body.  Which has a bad effect on the skin. To keep the skin fresh for a long time, the use of coffee should be reduced to one cup a day and drink green tea more often.


The more sugar is consumed, the higher the risk of early skin aging. The sugar contained in sweets and cakes prevents the normal production of collagen – a protein whose concentration affects the elasticity and smoothness of the skin. Eating sweets accelerates the appearance of wrinkles.

Spicy dish

Acute food leads to vasodilation, and the skin, prone to redness and rosacea, can act very badly. When data from acute disorders should be abandoned.


Excess sodium makes the skin red and inflamed. Salt accelerates cell aging, and is one of the main causes of swelling under the eyes.


All kinds of sausages containing processed meat mixed with dyes, thickeners, preservatives and stabilizers contribute to premature aging. Sausages contain sulfites and other preservatives that provoke skin inflammation. In addition, they contain an excessively high amount of salt.

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