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6 Tips for Home Workouts

6 Tips for Home Workouts

Home Workouts are often used to create and maintain a beautiful body shape. Properly organized workouts will help you quickly achieve your goals. It is very important that your workouts are regular, effective and safe.


6 Tips for Home Workouts

6 Tips for Home Workouts

1. Sports equipment

Sports activities at home will require at least a minimum set of sports equipment:

comfortable Mat with suitable sizes;
free weights (barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells);
additional accessories (tape, rope, ball, expander).

2. Choosing the time for excercises

Sports activities at home should be regular, especially when interested in good results. Training should fit into the daily routine and become a way of life. Excellent discipline scheduling classes, keeping a diary. Adjustments to the plans can be made, focusing on health.

Home workouts can be carried out in the morning and evening, the main thing is not to do it on an empty stomach or immediately after a meal. In the first case, you can faint, in the second-the exercises will be difficult to do, because all the forces of the body are directed to the work of the digestive system.

3. Types of training programs

Sports training is conventionally divided into two large groups: fullbody and split.

Fullbody is the working out of all the muscles of the body. It is recommended to carry out several times a week. With the help of such classes, you can lose weight, gain muscle mass or keep the body in good shape.

Split-working out different muscles on different days. Such classes are recommended for 3-4 times a week. Conditionally it is possible to divide exercises on working out of a bottom and top of a body. It is important to train moderately, not to allow fatigue.

4. Main types of exercises

For the correct preparation of the program, it is important to pay attention to the fact that the exercises are basic and isolating. Each species has its own characteristics:

Basic exercise. Several joints are involved. With their help, you can work out different muscle groups, they are complex and energy-consuming. These include: thrust, lunges, presses, squats.

Isolating exercises. Only one joint is involved. With their help, you can purposefully work out the selected muscle group. These include: twisting, Mahi, bending. In training at home beginners are recommended to include basic exercises, as they contribute to good muscle growth, weight loss. Over time, it will be possible to Supplement the program and isolating. The main thing is to train all the muscles so that there are no imbalances.

5. Approximate scheme of training

The training process can be divided into three parts:

Warmup. During the warm-up, joint exercises and short cardio are carried out. In the first case – this, for example, rotation of the knee and elbow joints, squats. In the second – walking on the spot, running, jumping rope. Duration of classes-10-15 minutes.

Main part. This part of the class is devoted to basic and isolating exercises. The duration of training is 30-60 minutes. It is better to do short, but intense.

Hitch. It is necessary to bring the body out of the load. In the course of the inspection you can perform simple cardio training, stretch all the muscles. Duration of classes-10-15 minutes.

6. Necessary time for rest

Between several approaches in the execution of the training program requires time to rest. More time for recovery is necessary for the body after intensive basic exercises. For the next cycle you need to go only after breathing will be restored, and the body rested.

You need at least one day for complete rest, so that the muscles have time to recover. The best option is sports training every other day. You should pay attention to your own feelings: if the muscles hurt, it is better to postpone classes.

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