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Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair

Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair

Short-haired beauties also want to look fashionable and occasionally change something in themselves. Thanks to the skill and imagination of professional stylists-hairdressers, we have new hair-coloring called Balayage.

This technique is vaguely resembling of highlights, only less bright, more natural, soft and harmonious. When successfully executed balayage effect supposedly natural sun-burned strands. This hairstyle visually gives the hair volume and splendor, which is so often lacking in short haircuts.

Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair

Balayage for light short hair

Light by nature hair often lacks shine and brightness, but this problem is easily solved with the help of new painting techniques. Blondes can use from 3 to 4 shades of brightening paint, which will give the hair shine and volume. This hairstyle will suit all short-haired blondes without exception. The main thing is not to overdo it with the percentage of oxidizer, so as not to damage the native curls, which are often very thin initially from nature.

Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair Balayage for Light Dark Short Hair

On light hair it is very important to do the right smooth transitions, adjusted for all halftones. Before you start painting you need to choose the tone that should be suitable directly to the complexion of a particular person. For balayage on blonde hair, it is appropriate to choose the following colors:

  1. If the girl is a summer type, then the roots are painted in ash or pearl color, and the tips – hazelnut.
  2. For autumn type: roots – Sunny/natural blonde, tips – milk chocolate, mocha.
  3. Winter-Girl: the roots of the hair – light ash/grey, all – dark-chocolate, Burgundy.
  4. For spring lady: roots – natural/beige blonde, tips – brown or chocolate.

Balayage for dark short hair

Short-haired brunette  can easily refresh their hairstyle and image with balayage. Features of this technique of painting dark curls:

  • İf the haircut involves the presence of bangs, it will look great painted in light color
  • to achieve the effect of natural hair burnout in the sun, you need to make a smooth transition from a natural shade to a blonde or slightly reddish color
  • this technique is very helpful previously clarified brunettes grow their natural curls, because it eliminates the sharp contrast of dark and light.

As a result of coloring brunette get a shiny hair with a slight shimmer. Because this technique uses so many stars, such as Charlize Theron, Emma, Watson, Scarlett Johanson.


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