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Just one step that can change your life

Just one step that can change your life

Listen the advice I’ve been using for years. İt works.


Whether or not you believe that thoughts shape our reality doesn’t matter. It is almost impossible to achieve positive thinking 24/7, at least I have not yet succeeded, but..

You can look at things from a different angle and change




Now with examples it will become clearer:
“I don’t like my job»

“I want another (what kind of) work»

“I don’t have a loved one»

“I need love»

“I can’t find my place in life»

“I want and will seek my destiny»

Just one step that can change your life


Transform any “I have”, “can not”, “not like”, “do not want”, “I miss”! The General meaning of this will not change, but its message will change! This is enough to see changes in your mood, the amount of energy and desire to do something, even if it is modest steps.

Try today to count how many times a day you thought negatively, try to transform each such thought and listen to your inner feelings.

Don’t look at people you don’t like to amuse your self-esteem or to make it clear that you don’t need to.

Be inspired by those who look at you and want to say, ” I want it this way.”

“I don’t tell Ira where I don’t want to go. I pull the leash where I need to go. I’m just a dog, you’re a human, and that means you can do it for sure.»

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