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Layered Bob 2019

Layered Bob 2019 – The Features of Haircut

Layered Bob 2019 – The Features of Haircut

The Bob haircut is a universal and favorite hairstyle. It is suitable for girls and women who prefer to have short and medium hair.

Layered Bob 2019 – The Features of Haircut

However, the classic Bob now, not the most topical option. In the era of fashion for structural strands and styling in the grunge style, especially popular Layered Bob. Although, as the saying goes, this a kiss of 90’s. It is a haircut with a pronounced grading. In fact the layered Bob combines Bob and “ladder”.

Features layered Bob

Hairstyle does not require a lot of time for styling, as it involves “light negligence»;
• Suitable for straight, curly and fine hair;
• Allows you to hide the flaws of appearance and make the image stylish and expressive.

Layered Bob 2019 - The Features of Haircut

Who is a layered bob suitable for?

We can say that almost everything. Because:

1. You can choose the right option for your face shape, adjust the nuances of appearance;
2. Make your hair more torn and daring, so more sexy and feminine;
3. Gives you the ability to add volume, in the case of thin and rare hair;
4. With additional milling, create a delightful option for unruly, heavy and heavily thick hair;
5. Looks great on a lady of any age;
6. Suitable for the office and at the same time – relevant for the party.

Layered Bob 2019 - The Features of Haircut

Going to a party? No problem! Layered Bob can be made wavy or just randomly stacked.

Thinking about your hair for graduation or wedding? Imagine that this haircut in the right hands allows you to create a very romantic and delicate bows with small artificial flowers and pearls.

So feel free to choose a layered Bob, if you want to try a new haircut. Only be sure to contact a proven master, so he correctly picked up the length of the strands and adjusted the features of your face.



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