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Top 10 swimsuit trends for 2020

Top 10 swimsuit trends for 2020

Beach fashion pleases a wide variety, find your perfect swimsuit among the fashion can each. Presented a variety of models, styles, colors – for girls and women with any type of figure you can find a suitable one.

Top 10 swimsuit trends for 2020


The 10 most swimsuit trends for 2019

Neon swimsuits favorably emphasize the tan and attract attention. Colors can be different: yellow, pink, blue, printed. So if you are not afraid to attract the views – go ahead!

Tie – Dye

The 10 most swimsuit trends for 2019

Another trend that has moved to swimsuits. This is such a technology of dyeing fabrics, which gives absolutely universal drawings. I don’t think it will last for several years usually such trends are quite fleeting. But in 2020 – it’s a trend!

Ruffles Flounce

The 10 most swimsuit trends for 2019

This is a kind of classic swimwear, and in 2020 it is particularly in demand. Various ruffles, flowing flounces look beautiful, attractive and even adjust the figure.


The belt at the bottom of the swimsuit with a high waist looks very interesting and stylish. It can be a bright element, and can be in one color with a swimsuit.

One Shoulder

The 10 most swimsuit trends for 2020

Asymmetry in 2020 is in trend in everything, including swimwear. Many people ask how to sunbathe in them? First, not everyone is aiming for a tan. Secondly, you can always lower the strap, tucking it into a swimsuit, if you go to sunbathe.


This trend is quite controversial, of course and will not suit everyone. Swimwear in lingerie style is not remotely resemble underwear so this option is for the most daring.

Lingerie style swimsuit will definitely collect a lot of views and will capture the attention of a good half of the beach.

High-waisted briefs

Retro style swimwear is in trend, but such melting is non-replaceable option. They shorten the torso visually, lengthening the legs. Therefore, for girls with low growth is a great choice.


High cut swimwear is not only beautiful, but also a good element of correction.

This variant of swimsuit visually makes the legs longer and the torso shorter. Very well pulls figure and growth. However, girls with very low hips may not be suitable – here it is necessary to measure and look specifically.

Plunging neckline

Sports swimsuits

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