The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

Let’s start with a confession. Netflix invaded our lives. Now we have lots of series and the number of the series produced per year increased aggressively. It is still an ongoing debate whether having many productions kills the quality.On the other hand, with or without Netflix it is really hard to find a cool series. But what about theme songs? Do you remember any of them? Yeah? And here comes the second confession. Some theme songs have places in our Sportify playlists. What makes a theme song better than the others? Harmony with the lead character and the background of the show are two important criteria.
Here are the best TV theme songs:

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

1- Red Right Hand – Peaky Blinders

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

On a gathering storm comes
A tall handsome man

BBC drama Peaky Blinders is a hit. People love the characters, the story, the places, the clothes, the hats and even the hair styles. And of course, the theme song which is Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds’. Red Right Hand and Tommy Shelby is fit enough together to make Steven Knight (the creator of the series) change his decision about the song. His original idea is not using Red Right Hand as a theme song of the series. After seeing the song and the man is a match, fortunately he changed his mind.

2- Far From Any Road – True Detective

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

From the dusty mesa
Her looming shadow grows

Although the second season of True Detective is somewhat disappointing, the first season of the anthological series was another hit. It was an important milestone of Matthew McConaughey’s acting career. Theme song of the series is The Handsome Family’s Far From Any Road. Dark, mysterious and bohemian. There is a huge problem about this song. It makes you want to listen and listen again and doesn’t let you start to watch the episode.

3- Woke Up This Morning – The Sopranos

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs
Well, you woke up this morning
The world turned upside down

With the colorful characters like Paulie, Silvio, Junior, Christopher and of course Tony, Sopranos was the one of the best TV series of all time. The series was nominated seven times for Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series and won two times. At the intro Tony Soprano is riding his car to home and smoking cigar while theme song ‘Woke Up This Morning’ plays at background. This song is energizing from start to the end. After the intro is
over and you watch the way Tony leaves his car, you have that feeling like ‘lets do it!’

4- Main Title Theme – Westworld

The 5 Best TV Theme Songs

Westworld has everything to be a classic. It is remake of a cult movie, has Anthony Hopkins, has a perfect story, has HBO finance and has Ramin Djawadi as composer. Djawadi is known mostly for his Game of Thrones soundtracks and his capability to strengthen the emotion of the scenes. This is exactly what he did with the theme song of Westworld. The song starts slowly and continues growingly like the show. And yes, it is a little creepy with the intro video. But hey, at the end of the day it is a show about robots takes over a theme park.

5- Greenback Boogie – Suits

Come on back to paradise

Suits is a series about the amusing and joyful story of a New York City based lawyer. When it comes to the Ima Robot’s song ‘Greenback Boogie’ we can use the same two words to define the song: Amusing and joyful. Listening this song from the intro of Suits or Spotify is one thing. But the official video is another thing and strongly recommended.


One of the few things that could keep itself alive and cool for all the seasons of the series: Theme song of Game of Thrones.

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