Trendy Haircuts For Short Hair 2019

2019 trendy haircuts for short hair.

For summer, a short haircut is a salvation. Many girls in the summer decided to radically change the image and make a fashionable short haircut. With coloring experiment risky, as you can simply spoil the hair.

Let’s take a look at the trends 2019:

Trendy Haircuts For Short Hair 2019

1. Asymmetric cut

This hairstyle is more suitable for girls who want to experiment and be the center of attention. There are different types of asymmetry that can be matched to a specific type of face.

Trendy Haircuts For Short Hair 2019

2. Blunt Bob

A safe option that suits almost everyone. You can play with the angle of the haircut and the height of the rise. Bob is never the same. It looks different on every woman. So you will be unique in any case.

Trendy Haircuts For Short Hair 2019

3. Blunt with ragged bangs.

If you really really want to change the style, it is best to help to transform facial features it bangs. Direct bangs are no longer popular. But oblique or torn are kept on the crest of popularity.

Trendy Haircuts For Short Hair 2019

4 Pixie

This type of haircut is not suitable for everyone. Low growth girl she can do on kind of even more fragile. You need to focus on your features and goals that you want to achieve.

5. Fade

It is necessary to warn that this type will not quite feminine in appearance and is more suitable for young girls. This is a bold decision, but how stylish it looks with the right feed!

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