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What To Pack For Beach Vacation?

What To Pack For  Beach Vacation?

Summer, sea, sun and beach.

I will not repeat that it is necessary to take a sunscreen, waterproof cosmetics and like that. It knows any girl who is going to the sea.

Let’s talk about the things you’ll need on the vacation.

What To Pack For  Beach Vacation?

1. Swimsuit

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation?
Of course this is the main thing that should not be forgotten. Now the choice of swimwear is very large and everyone will be able to choose exactly what she needs. Type- in which you will be comfortable. Color – turquoise, coral, blue and multi-colored print.

2. Pareo

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation?

For those who do not know what it is – it is a Cape that is worn on a swimsuit. After all, to walk from the hotel to the beach, you still need to be beautiful. Different shapes, different sizes. You choose the shape and color suitable to the swimsuit.

3. Flip flops

What To Pack For A Beach Vacation?

Do not take rubber . İt’s convenient, I do not argue, but it does not look very artistic. Rubber flip-flops are only worn in the pool, don’t forget that. On the beach buy a wedge with thin straps. Preference natural leather, it stable to the water.

4 Dresses


Rest on the sea involves not only bask on the beach, walks and parties have not been canceled. Take a cocktail dress with a bright color, without print. Don’t choose pastel colors. You’re on the beach! You can wear it to a party or going to a restaurant.

5. Bag
Large light bag you will need for trips to the store and the beach.

On evening choose a small bright purse. Give preference to lacquer. Color – blue, yellow.

6. Shoes
Don’t bring high-heeled sandals. Even if they are designer and cost a lot of money. There where beach, sand everywhere. Get tired of your feet and ruin your shoes. If you really want to wear a heel, take a small, 5-8 cm, but only for an evening walk. For every day buy sandals wedge with thin straps.

In addition, you can add them for  beach vacation

7 Cosmetic

Each girl has her own limit. But at sea, the skin should rest. If you use too much makeup, your skin will get tired, your pores will clog up. If the face is burnt off, and you really need to look good use a light moisturizer ( not the Foundation) and powder. Powder suggest to buy on the spot the color of the tan.

8 Perfume

Choose citrus aromas. For example: Hermes Eau des Merveilles, Guerlain Parfum Aqua Allegoria Grosellina.

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